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Rest In Peace – Krewz BA KSN

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It is sad to hear of the passing of Vancouver graffiti legend and master Krewz. We were fortunate to spend an afternoon with Krewz while working on our Visual Orgasm book. We met him in China Town and he took us to his Downtown Eastside apartment where he shared his blackbooks, photo albums and told amazing stories. Ever since we were planning this book we knew we had to interview Krewz and we were most intrigued and excited to meet him because of the stories we were told over the years. He was a true character like everyone had said. His passion for graffiti and hip-hop was evident even though his painting had slowed down you could visualize him picking up a spray can at any minute. We are glad to share photos we got while working on the book from his collection and many others. It is great to see the work him and his partner in crime Ephx were pumping out in the early 90’s. As his style transformed into a jagged style with his letters curving around and leading into sharp points. He was very proud of the work him and Ephx did on the Rumble in The Bronx set to transform a Vancouver street to look like a grimey New York one. ¬†We know many people will miss him and show him the respect he deserves and this is our little dedication.

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    Style master. Rest in peace Krewz

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