Visual Orgasm

Vancouver Woodies

Vancouver, what a lovely city. The sushi is fresh and the pizza used to be 99 cents. On our most recent trip we were too cheap to get a car to venture out to the legal walls, so instead we  just wandered around seeing what we could find. Besides all the new developments popping up like an abscess in East Hastings and the stellar gentrification in said area it was the usual joyful hop scotch of needles and interesting sights.

We turned our attention to the wood electrical poles (woodies) that we are guessing don’t exist anymore in many cities. But Vancouver stays to its tree hugging roots and keeps these gems intake and strong as ever. The woodies have been for quite some time a place where the ol’ graffiti chap would lean over and do a vertical tag with the spray of his/her choice. Mozi, Pork and Oaph seemed to love the Woodies but we caught a mix of Vancouverites rocking the wood with their handstyles. Some of the faded ones have been running at least 6 years or more. It is interesting to see the addition of the metal sheet wrapped around the Woodie to prevent the quality drivers of Vancouver from knocking them over when they drive into them. These sheets have some history with all sorts of tags jammed in there for your viewing please.

Respect the woodies.


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