Visual Orgasm

LEPOS: The Primary Invasion

We are glad to be able to share a quick interview we did with Diego Bergia on this impressive project LEPOS: The Primary Invasion.

LEPOS: The Primary Invasion from Diego Bergia on Vimeo.

Graffiti has often been a back drop in video games from skateboarding to the Grand Theft Auto series. Every few years a game comes out that misses the mark in trying to capture the feel of graffiti. The most well known one would be Marc Eckos – Getting Up. The challenge is how to capture the essence of graffiti and make it into a favourable game that people enjoy and isn’t cheesy.

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Drive Home Safe trailer

Check out the new trailer by Robby Reis focusing on the DHS crew out of Montreal over the last decade. Drive Home Safe is his first feature length documentary.

Having contributed to the graffiti community for the past twenty years as both a painter and a documentarian.  Drive Home Safe was produced over the span of ten years, during which I documented my very best friends through video, super8 film and 35mm photographs with a sense of pride and joy. After carefully weaving together these images, what has emerged is a very intimate portrait of young manhood, which reminds us just how important friendship is in the face of adversity. Developing careers, struggles with mental health, questions of morality, love and heartbreak are all common themes in this film, however none are as prominent as the universal idea of brotherly love.

Drive Home Safe | Trailer from ROBBY REIS on Vimeo.